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DNF(DFO)Female Slayer/Sword Master gameplay - Iron Scale in King's Road(Chinese server)
The skills of Sword Master have massively changed and the damage has increased. But Sword Master still need to rely on enhanced weapon to maximize the damage.
DnF 여귀검사 2차 각성 트레일러 Trailer : Female Slayers' 2nd awakening
This is not my own video. 원본 동영상 위치 : 출처 : 귀검사 여귀검사
[던파] 용서하소서 (프리스트 매드무비 - 아들의해변 Dnf, DFO Priest Mad Movie)
[60FPS지원] 맨날 날로먹는 영상만 만들어서 연습겸사.. [BGM : it's different - Shadows (feat. Miss Mary)] 근데 막상 만들다보니 힘들어졌다 헤헷 고멘~
DnF Female Gunner 2nd Awakening Trailer
Ranger: Crimson Rose Mechanic: Optimus Launcher: Strom Trooper Spitfire: Freyja
Dnf Deicide (Female Slayer 2nd Awakening)
There are too many numbers going on on my screen. *Fun fact: The lvl 15 demon slayer passive (that changes her sword into a whip) was moved to first job, so now all PRE-subclass ...
DnF Priest 2nd Awakening Trailer #2
All awakening cutscene: ...
Dungeon Fighter Online [DNF/DFO] Female Priest - Inquisitor Playstyle
For the Emperor! (Side note: The fire effects look a bit off to me...)
Dungeon Fighter Online [DNF/DFO] Female Priest - Mistress Playstyle
Avenger equivalent. Note: The brief transformation towards the end.
(DNF) Female Gunner 2nd Awaken Skill : PT-15 Prototype
Launcher 2nd Awaken, 'Storm Trooper'. 80Lv. Active
Female Mage 2nd Awakenings [DnF, DFO, 던전앤파이터]
A compilation of all 4 female mage 2nd awakening trailers. Lolis are love. Lolis are life. Shame they're all grown up now.
DnF Priest 2nd awakening trailer - 'Saint and Justice'
Go to : and check this out. Avenger and Exorcist's will be come in October.